Santoro / Vindikta HOOP-TEEZE - Road Glide Handlebars

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2015 - 2023 Road Glides
31” wide
5” pullback

Powder Coated Black

Pre-Wired Bundle for 2014 to 2023 HD Touring Models
- Excludes Road Kings due to bar mounted turn signals
- For handlebars up to 16” tall
- Includes extended full length harness manufactured by Guerrilla Cables.
- Handlebars come installed with Left and Right Hand Switch Harnesses.
- A pull wire will be loaded into the Left side so you can pull your Throttle by Wire
Harness. If you have Heated Grips, please let us know and we’ll include a Right side pull wire.


Fully Pre-Wired Bundle
- 2016- 2023 Road Glide and Street Glide family only.
- Handlebar comes with Left and Right Switch Housing Harness and a Throttle by Wire
Sensor Harness.
- A pull wire for heated grips can be installed upon request.
- Fits handlebars up to 16” 
- Currently not offered for 2023 CVO and 2024 Street and Road Glide models.
- Currently not offered for Road King Special models.