Santoro / Vindikta Hoopteeze - 2024 Road Glide

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Due to the high demand for our Hoopteeze, please allow a 3-4 week lead time from the date the order is placed. 

This bar is designed for the performance minded Road Glide owner looking for a bar comparable with the feel of a traditional T-bar.

This Hoopteeze bar is made for the 2024 Road Glides and late 2023 CVO Road Glides. Please see our Hoopteeze for 2015 - 2023 Road Glides if you have one of those model years.

This bar is designed to be used with stock risers and controls. There are no modifications required. 

The riser on the 2024 and late 2023 CVO Road Glides is positioned approximately 3 inches higher than previous 2015-2023 models. This means that a 12" bar will sit in the same approximate position as a 14" bar on the 2015-2023 models. So please keep this in mind when ordering. 

Up to 12" bar - keep all stock - electrical  and clutch / brake lines
14" bar - Need clutch extension - keep stock electrical & brake line

Grip Pullback: 4"

- Pre-wire will be an option to add later. The harness has not been finalized    by the manufacturer yet.

- pictured is a 14" bar.  pics of 12" and 10" bars will be available soon. 12" and 10" options will be 2" and 4" shorter in vertical length than what is pictured. Same overall design shape along top of the bar.
The 12" bar design on 2015-2023 models will not be replicated for the 2024 bikes.