VINDIKTA HOOP-TEEZE - Street Glide Handlebars

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This bar is designed for the performance minded Street Glide owner who is looking for a bar compatible with the feel of a traditional T-Bar.

This bar is designed to be used with stock risers and controls. There are no fairing modifications required to install this product.

This bar is designed primarily for the 2014 to 2023 Street Glides, but it WILL  FIT PRE 2014 models as well, also with no modifications required to install.

Detail (pictured 14" height)

Available in 12", 14", 16" heights.

Width: 31"

Grip Pullback: 5" 

2014 to Present: Keep stock clutch / brake lines up to 14" / use extended electrical.   HD Part # 69200034

2013 Down: Keep stock clutch / brake lines up to 12" / use extended electrical